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Blackswan Qa

About Us

About Us

Our Success Comes From Exceeding Our Clients' Expectations.

Our company was founded on the principle of providing prompt, friendly, and trustworthy assistance when it was most needed. As a company, our greatest asset is our workforce, and we actively search for experienced candidates to join our team.


Trust is the cornerstone of the insurance industry. It’s comforting to know someone will be there to help when needed. Insurance services follow the same principle. With Blackswan QA Solutions, we earn the trust of our clients and their individual customers every day by helping them get past the loss, together.


Blackswan QA Solutions assesses and processes property and casualty claims for insurance industry clients.


Quality, innovation, and personal commitment.

We at Blackswan QA Solutions are committed to maintaining honesty and integrity in serving our customers.

In order to provide expeditious services in the claim and recovery process, we first understand the needs of each client.

What We Do

Everything we do is centered on providing absolute certainty. Our network of highly qualified independent adjusters will provide fast, fair and friendly claims services, and Blackswan QA Solutions will make the process of connecting policyholders to well-credentialed contractors as simple as possible.